Snowball Farm Pony Club

In 1998 The Pony Club launched the Centre Membership Scheme which allows children who ride in a riding school but do not have a pony of their own to become members and participate in all that the Pony Club has to offer.  Snowball Farm became a Pony Club Centre in 2014, one of more than 500 Centres in the UK.

Snowball Farm Pony Club provides training and activities based around The Pony Club Progressive Tests, Achievement Badges and Efficiency Tests, as well as a range of fun and entertaining activities designed to enhance and improve Club members understanding of ponies and their care.

Your Snowball Farm Pony Club Approved Instructors
Mari Turunen joined Snowball Farm in December 2013.  Mari trained at Trent Park and is a BHSII with more than 10 years’ experience teaching horse riding.  Mari is also a Centred Riding Instructor, a teaching technique focused on the balance and effectiveness of the rider.
Tenzin Javary joined Snowball Farm in May 2014.  Tenzin is a qualified BHSAI with more than 5 years’ experience teaching horse riding at Tallend and Ditchling Common Stud before joining us.

Your Rallies
Rallies are run approximately twice a month on Fridays between 6pm and 8pm. Club members are expected to participate in at least one Club Rally each month.  Rallies consist of riding, stable management lectures and practical sessions. Check the event calendar for dates.

  • Riding – During riding sessions members practise activities such as Ridden Games, Drill/Musical Rides and Skill at Arms.  Children must be able to ride at walk and trot unaided before taking part in the riding sessions of Rallies.
  • Stable Management. Lectures and practical sessions are aimed at achieving a range of Pony Club badges which teach children how to care for ponies and handle them safely and efficiently.

Information about Rallies, Competitions and other Activities is available from the Snowball Farm office.  Snowball Farm also has a closed FaceBook page for our club members.

Volunteering – Volunteers are the backbone of The Pony Club.  If you would like to get involved as a volunteer at Snowball Farm Pony Club rallies, visits and events please let us know.  Volunteering can be personally rewarding.  You can learn new skills, see the different disciplines in action and make new friends.

Contact Us – for more information about the Snowball Farm Pony Club please do not hesitate to contact our office on 01628 666222 or email us at:

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