When it comes to livery, our equestrian centre prides itself on offering very high standards. Our stables are located on the border of beautiful Burnham Beeches in South Buckinghamshire.

All stabled horses are turned out daily. We separate mares and geldings. The horses are out in our fields for 3 to 8 hours per day depending on weather and field conditions. All our clients also enjoy our wide range of Facilities.

We have alarms, double locks and bars on all of the tack rooms. We also have rooms for feed and boxes.

Our priority is to make sure your horse is cared for like its our own.

If anything happens to your horse (heaven forbid!) we will contact you immediately and the vet if necessary. We can also provide any extras required from cleaning and bandaging to providing a stable for a grass kept horse. Our Vet visits the stables on a weekly basis to deal with annual injections, teeth rasping and any other treatments. We keep to a strict worming programme which is overseen by the Vet. We require all new horses to be isolated for a minimum of 10 days to prevent infection being brought to the farm.

Our staff live on site, so that it is manned 24 hours per day seven days a week. Every night the duty yard manager carries out a late night check.

Types of livery:

  • Full Livery – We look after your horse from mucking out to getting it ready for a show, from cleaning your tack to holding your horse for the vet. We will even exercise it for you Tuesday to Friday.
  • Part Livery – We do the basics. We turn out and catch in, muck out, feed and water your horse. You do the grooming and riding.
  • Working Livery – Subject to suitability.

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