Snowball Farm Equestrian Centre is an BHS Approved Training and Examinations Centre.  We offer BHS students a choice of training opportunities, and the possibility of taking their examinations and assessments at Snowball Farm.  Students receive the full range of theoretical and practical training they need to pass their exams to become professional equestrians.  Our qualified and experienced instructors, led by Gemma Porter-Rawlings BHSI, deliver structured group and bespoke training for students up to Stage 4 and those seeking their PTT or ITT.   Robert Pickles FBHS and Sabrina Jones FBHS routinely provide training for all levels.    Our excellent facilities include two indoor schools, two outdoor all-weather arenas, competition level show jumps and cross country fences, as well as the pick of a great range of horses for all levels of riding, from Stage 1 to Stage 4.  So whether you are just starting out, progressing through your stages, working on your PTT or pushing for your Stage 4, Snowball Farm can help you.  More info

Meet Daisy and Stan – these two lovely horses were among those ridden by candidates for the BHS Stage 3 exam on 22 September 2016.

Daisy Wicks Daisy Wicks Stan Stan

For further information contact us on 01628 666222 or contact us here

For information about BHS professional qualifications and our exam dates, please visit  the BHS.