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November 30, 2016

Welcome to new livery Katy Rule and her horse Holmes.
We also welcome Nikki Mills’ new horse Bella.
And we welcome chestnut Mickey who will be joining the Riding School.


Rebecca S. and Elvis (left) with
Rebecca M. and Derry (right)
out for a lovely autumn hack with
Tenzin and Mickey (centre).



This month we welcome Josh Sands to our BHS Students Team.


Clients Showjumping – Friday 21 October 2016 – Results

X-Poles Novice – Staff & Livery
1st Maisie Masquelier + Star 1st Lauren Dodson + Yogi
2nd Rosalind Chatterjee + Bracken 2nd Lewis Newell + Becky G
Tots – Staff & Livery Intermediate – Clients
1st Maya Torkington + Brian 1st Hannah Masquelier + Teddy
2nd Olivia Bridge + Crunchie
Tots – Clients Advanced – Staff & Livery
1st Rena Bathiche + Prince 1st Kyle Conroy + Polo
2nd Scarlett Weir + Prince 2nd Sophie Barton + Milo
3rd Libby Brake + Nightmare 3rd Maddy Peacock + Lexi
4th Mila Ratcliffe + Wongi 4th Megan Vickers + Malteaser
5th Alice Liddiard + Cracker 5th Sophie Newell + Murphy
6th Kayleigh Bosher + Maggie 6th Sophie Anderson + Luke
7th Holly Purcell + Brendon
Novice – Clients
1st Hugo Rasenburg + Trooper
2nd Julia Broadhurst + Lexi
3rd Lauren Docherty + Flick
4th Abby Masquelier + Billy
5th Emily Samols + Roger
6th Georgia Purcell + Cracker
7th Caitlin McDermott + Roger


Clients Dressage – Friday 18 November 2016 – Results

Preliminary 18 – Junior Preliminary 18 – Senior
1st Anna Leigh + Maggie 1st Sophie Anderson + Luke
2st Joe Grange + Bernie 2nd Lesley Moore + Couture
3rd Bethan Newell + Daisy Wicks 3rd Nicole Overton + Lexi
4th Julia Broadhurst + Wills
5th Tone Sarjanen + Ester
Novice 28
1st Julia Broadhurst + Stan
2nd Jacob Sharp + Dylan
3rd Nicole Overton + Cracker


Snowball Farm Championships 2016 – League Leaders
Clients (adult): Julia Broadhurst with 61 points
Clients (children): Abby Masquelier with 40 points
Staff & Livery: Kyle Conroy with 54 points


Christmas at Snowball Farm

OWN A Xmas PONY DAY – Wednesday 28 December 2016

Look after your favourite pony for the day.
Bring a packed lunch and all your horsey clobber if you have it.
10am til 4pm
Booking now.

BOXING DAY HACK – Monday 26 December 2016

Join us for a long leisurely hack – restore your sanity!!
£40 Adults, £30 Children (Walk, trot and canter) 11.00am
Booking now.

NEW YEAR’S EVE CAMP – Saturday 31 December 2016 to Sunday 1 January 2017

Saturday check-in at 10.00am
Two rides on Saturday + Hack on Sunday
New Year’s Eve party (bring your glad rags!)
Lunch and dinner on Saturday, Brunch and Tea on Sunday. Indoors overnight – no tents!!
Sunday check-out at 4.00pm
Suitable for Grade 4 riders and above.



Unaffiliated Show Jumping                     Sunday 4 December 2016
Unaffiliated Dressage                             Sunday 18 December 2016
Unaffiliated Show Jumping                     Sunday 8 January 2017
Unaffiliated Dressage                             Sunday 15 January 2017
Affiliated Dressage                                  Monday 16 January 2017

See  for our 2017 Calendar of Shows


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