September Newsletter

August 28, 2015

Our major competition of the season, Burnham Beeches Unaffiliated Horse Trials, is running on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 September 2015. Click here for online entries.
If you can spare some time to help at this big event please let us know.  If you are interested in the Dressage, Show Jumping or the Cross Country you can get a ringside seat by helping at the show.
PHOTO: © Catch It Quick 2015

YARD NEWS – Helen Gassman with Becky G and Bramble and Jenny Passmore with Top Hat have returned to the yard. Welcome back guys!

STAFF NEWS – Congratulations to Laura Oldfield on passing her Stage I Care and Riding and to Nicole Overton who passed her Stage I Care.

Thanks to everyone who attended our Summer Camps. 

5-Day Camp  – Pack Results

1st Skewbalds: 2nd Appaloosas: 3rd Palominos:
Kyle Conroy + Roger Hayley Jo Jones + Legend Megan Leigh + Piper
Hugo Delsol + Teddy Anna Leigh + Straggy Maddy Peacock + Cracker
Leah Ellesmere + Prince Lewis Newell + Becky G Jacob Sharp + Dylan
Sophie Newell + Murphy Megan Vickers + Malteser Frankie Western-Kaye + Daisy
Maria Rees + Beau Alicia Western-Kaye + Lord Scarlett Weir + Phoenix
Millie Wheable +  Lizzie

5-Day Camp – Individual ODE

Class 1: Class 2: Class 3:
1st  Lewis Newell + Becky G 1st  Leah Ellesmere + Prince 1st  Alicia Western-Kaye + Lord
2nd  Jacob Sharp + Dylan 2nd  Millie Wheable +  Lizzie 2nd  Sophie Newell + Murphy
3rd  Maria Rees + Beau 3rd  Kyle Conroy + Roger 3rd  Maddy Peacock + Cracker
4th  Anna Leigh + Straggy 4th Hayley Jo Jones + Legend 4th  Hugo Delsol + Teddy
5th  Scarlett Weir + Phoenix 5th  Frankie Western-Kaye + Daisy 5th  Megan Vickers + Malteser
6th  Megan Leigh + Piper 

5-Day Campers 2015DSC02286Most Helpful Camper: Leah
Most improved rider: Hayley
Most Spectacular Unplanned Dismount: Hugo
Most Effort: Lewis
Tack n Turn Out: 1st Alicia, =2nd Maddy + Millie
Pack Entertainment: Skewbalds


4-Day Camp   Combined Training 

Class 1: Class 2: Class 3:
1st Maria Rees + Blue 1st  Rosie Robertson + Trooper 1st  Patricia Reinecke + Jack
2nd Olivia smith + Legend 2nd  Bea Barker + Rosie 2nd  Ruby Davis + Robin
3rd Caitlin McDermott + Minstrel 3rd  Lauren Docherty + Pete 3rd  Emma Hermans + Bracken
4th  Orla Rackham + Harry 4th  Jessica Johnson + Chess 4th  Maya Torkington + Jeff
5th  Georgia Purcell + Beau 5th  Ellie-May Appleby + Ted 5th  Tayla Kaiser + Gino
6th  Amy Smith + Fraoigh
7th  Holly Purcell + Maggie

IMG_0594 IMG_0595Best Dressage:  Maria + Blue
Best Showjumping:  Patricia + Jack
Tack n Turn Out: Maria + Amy
Most Improved Flat: Patricia
Most Improved Jump: Holly
Best plaiting: Olivia
Best Tackle: Ruby
Best Save [no fall]: Orla

See the event calendar for SEPTEMBER

Pony Club Rally                              Friday 2 October
Pony Club Rally                              Friday 16 October
Clients Show Jumping                  Friday 23 October
Own a Pony Day (Lower)             Wednesday 28 October
Own a Pony Day (Higher/PCC)  Thursday 29 October

Hunter Trials                                  Saturday 10 October
XC Schooling + Clinics                 Sunday 11 October
Affiliated Dressage                        Monday 12 October

 18 September, 2 October, 16 October, 30 October, 13 November, 27 November

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