Day 1 of Camp and christening of the new water complex

August 4, 2015


Monday morning, 16 kids arrived at Snowball for the annual 5-Day Camp.

The day started with erecting the campsite in one of the fields, followed by a briefing by their camp-chief for the week, Natalie Western-Kaye. Some of the participants are already dreading the wakeups at camp, as legend has it that Natalie wakes everyone up really early by banging a wooden spoon on a pan…

After the briefing, they were assigned into packs and had lunch before getting ready for the first ride. The Day 1 ride was a hack to Burnham Beeches where they all stopped for ice cream at the café.

After the ride, the packs started cleaning tack for inspection Tuesday morning.IMG_0485

Then, after finishing the day’s horsey activities, they all did zumba in the field with dance instructor Tess Newell. IMG_0506Following dinner  and cake to celebrate Alicia’s birthday, they were asked to christen the new water complex which will be incorporated in the course for the Unaffiliated Burnham Beeches Horse Trials in September.

The days ahead includes lot of activities; various lectures, musical ride practise for performance on the final day, dressage and showjumping practise and cross country training to mention a few.

Camp wraps up with tough competitions on Friday.

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