Focus on Tenzin Javary

April 30, 2015

Role at Snowball Farm: Instructor and working with the Pony Club.TenzinJavary

Length of time at Snowball Farm: Since May 2014, so about a year.

How long have you been riding? Since I was about 6 years old.

Can you remember winning your first rosette? The first I remember was when I was around 7 at TM International down in Cornwall. I was riding Nipper (it’s all in the name). To everyone’s surprise we came first in showjumping at around 1.6’ (0.45m). I was so in love with that pony!

When you are not working at the yard, what is your favourite thing to do? I like to catch up on sleep. Haha. Nothing can beat good food and drinks with friends and have a good dance every now and again.


What’s the best bit about your job? The horses of course. Being able to ride a very wide variety of horses, and it is very satisfying to see my clients improve and progress with their riding.

Proudest moment? That’s a hard one! Horse related, probably qualifying for the Cricklands Championships with my last horse, Clooney, and then going on to win in Wales.

Funniest memory?  I was hacking with Clooney (yes, he was grey like George) in the moors in Cornwall and when we came upon the ponds, I thought it would be fun to go in. The girls I was with warned me…..but I didn’t take any notice. Whipped my saddle off and went in. The horse just powered on through the water. It got deep very quick but I stayed on, that is just until we reached land, when I fell off at the last minute. My bright idea ended with me on the floor! It was still fun though.



What are your riding ambitions this year?   I have had my new horse, Bentley, for 6 months. We will be competing in the ODE held at snowball and I have my BHS Stage 4 coming up in June so fingers crossed I will have another exam under my belt!

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