Focus on Mari Turunen

March 16, 2015

Role at Snowball Farm: Assistant Yard Manager, Instructor and Head of the Snowball Farm Pony Club

Length of time at Snowball Farm: Since December 2013

How long have you been riding? Started around the age of 10.

Can you remember winning your first rosette? It must have been jumping cross-poles at Kilontalli around the age of 12.  I was put on a pony that had thrown off the rider and crashed in to the wall in the previous show. Told to sit up and focus.

When you are not around the horses, what is your favourite thing to do? Reading. Mostly fiction.

Mari and the PC teamWhat’s the best bit about your job? The Pony Club! And also when you see a client having a break-through moment and really get what they have been working on. It is very rewarding as an instructor to help them making that happen.

Proudest moment?  That will be when I get my thesis done! I am working on a thesis covering English style bits in Finnish.

Funniest memory? One recent funny memory is from last week. We were preparing the games for the Pony Club, and I sat in a car blowing up a bunch of balloons which I put in a big bin bag. There were quite a lot of balloons, and when I tried getting out of the car, one escaped. It managed to get all the way to the field, so I chucked the rest of the balloons back in the car and chased after the balloon. Fortunately I caught up with it just in time to avoid it frightening an innocent little pony. Phew!

What are your riding ambitions this year? To pass my Stage 4 Exam this summer.

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