Focus on Sarah Chettle

February 24, 2015

Role at Snowball Farm: Yard Manager.

Length of time at Snowball Farm: 3 weeks

Sarah has previously been at Rycroft and Wellington.

At Wellington, she was in charge of the 33 liveries. Her focus was on the customer and their desire for care of their horses, ensuring the clients were happy, that the horses were managed correctly and keeping the yard pristine. Consistent quality and service is high on the agenda for Sarah.

At Rycroft, she held the role of General Manager with responsibilities for health & safety, horses’ welfare, the yard, lessons, organising events and all that is included in running an equestrian centre.

She is delighted to join the team at Snowball and brings excellent experience with her as well as her passion for care, teamwork and customer satisfaction.

Her focus will be on consistency and high quality of care for the horses, a tidy and efficient yard, generating a good team spirit with yard staff taking pride in their work, and ultimately very happy clients. Things do go wrong occasionally, and it is important to Sarah to get client feedback.

  1. How long have you been riding? I sat on a pony at the age of 7, but didn’t really start before turning 10 when my aunt introduced me to riding.
  1. Can you remember winning your first rosette? It was probably In Hand with my Arab or the Veterans at Merist Wood. I am not that competitive. Have done only a handful of shows.
  1. When you are not working at the yard, what is your favourite thing to do? See to my other horses, who are all living out (mostly youngsters). Reading and studying for my exams, but should really do more of that. There is nothing better than just crashing on the sofa and watching a good film after long days on the yard. I also quite like cleaning J.
  1. What’s the best bit about your job? Gaining the trust of clients and the relationships I get with them. Also, getting people to work as a team and take pride in their work. There is nothing better than seeing a team pull together and having a good working atmosphere. Also when people are happy with their lesson and in awe of the horses….…that’s a few more than one, but I really like the job I do!
  1. Sarah Chettle TorianaProudest moment? That is definitely winning the Veterans Class with Torianna. I nearly lost him to colic the year prior to the show. He was and old hunter (17.2hh) and 24 years at the time. I bought him for £1 when he was 19 as he was about to be put down. I had him for 6 years before losing him to colic.
  1. Funniest memory? <Sarah to think about it and update>
  1. What are your riding ambitions this year?  <assume you don’t have any, but a good trigger to talk about your ambitions for your work at Snowball>


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