Focus on Diani Western-Kaye

February 20, 2015

Role at Snowball Farm: Groom, Instructor, Student, Eventer

Length of time at Snowball Farm: since I could walk

How long have you been riding? Since when I was about 2 years old

When you are not around the horses, what is your favorite thing to do?  Going on tandem bike rides with my boyfriend.

Can you remember winning your first rosette? Not really. Must have been showjumping on Muffin when I was about 5 years old.Diani tandem

What’s the best bit about your job? (this question triggered a lovely smile from Diani)  Being around my family and my horses and doing what I really love.

Diani_Sox DRProudest moment? When I got a 19.5% (that is 80.5% for non-Eventers) score in dressage with Sox at Purston Manor in 2014.

Funniest memory? When I fell off just after finishing bareback showjumping at Blenheim. Video link below.

What are your riding ambitions this year? I was Eventing at Pre-Novice and Novice level in 2014 and this year I am aiming for a 1*.

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