September Newsletter

August 27, 2014


Our premier One-day Event is running over two days on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th September 2014. If you would like to help us at this show, please let us know. We are looking for Stewarts, Dressage Writers, Score Collectors and Fence Judges. Lunch will be provided.

If you would like to be one of our Sponsors please contact the office – there are several sponsorship options to choose from, including fences, classes, arenas, as well as advertising opportunities in the programme.  Happy to discuss options.

Thank you! We appreciate your support!


Unaffiliated Show Jumping/BS Club Show Sun 27th July
7th Emily Hay + King Gray in the 80cm
6th Rebecca Warner + Miss Polo in the 90cm


One-Day Event: Individual One-Day Event – Intermediate
1st The Gags Pack: 1st Sophie Newell + Becky G
Maddy Peacock + Cracker 2nd Jacob Sharp + Jolly
Alicia Western-Kaye + Daisy 3rd Alice Boreham + Caspian
Frankie Western-Kaye + Bernie 4th Megan Leigh + Tetley
Jacob Sharp + Jolly 5th Aisling Rushe + Trooper
Sophie Newell + Becky G 6th Millie Weable + Pinkie
2nd The Pelhams Pack: 7th Anna Leigh + Straggy
Sophie Barton + Milo Individual One-Day Event – Advanced
Jessica Edwards + Tommy 1st Maddy Peacock + Cracker
Megan Leigh + Tetley 2nd Jenna Wyllie + Murphy
Anna Leigh + Straggy 3rd Jessica Edwards + Tommy
Angel Soden + Beau =4th Erin Jackson + Mrs Pepperpot
3rd The Snaffles Pack: =4th Alicia Western-Kaye + Daisy
Jenna Wyllie + Murphy 6th Sophie Barton + Milo
Millie Weable + Pinkie Individual Dressage – Advanced
Alice Boreham + Caspian 1st Maddy Peacock + Cracker
Aisling Rushe + Trooper 2nd Jenna Wyllie + Murphy
Erin Jackson + Mrs Pepperpot 3rd Jessica Edwards + Tommy
Individual Dressage – Intermediate 4th Sophie Barton + Milo
1st Aisling Rushe + Trooper =5th Erin Jackson + Mrs Pepperpot
2nd Sophie Newell + Becky G =5th Alicia Western-Kaye + Daisy
3rd Anna Leigh + Straggy Best Tack: Millie Weable
4th Jacob Sharp + Jolly Best Turned Out: Sophie Newell
5th Megan Leigh + Tetley Bravest Rider: Megan Leigh
6th Frankie Western-Kaye + Bernie Best Plaits: Jenna Wyllie
=7th Angel Soden + Beau Fastest Rider: Angel Soden + Beau
=7th Millie Weable + Pinkie Pack Entertainment Winners: The Gags
Best Tack & Turn Out (Pack)
1st The Snaffles
2nd The Gags
3rd The Pelhams


Mini:  Gymkhana Winners: 
1st Bea Barker + Star Intermediate Team
2nd Olivia Smith + Del Boy
3rd Sophie Senator + Robin Best Tack: Holly Purcell
1st Ellie-May Appleby + Ted Best Turned Out: Amy Smith
2nd Scarlett Weir + Phoenix
3rd Isabel Atkinson + Abbey Chase Me Charlie: 
4th India Unsworth + Peter Scarlet Weir on Phoenix (3’3”)
5th Jessica Hardick + Jeff
6th Amy Smith + Jack Biggest Buck: Bea Barker on Star
7th Holly Purcell + Bracken
Intermediate: Most Improved Camper: India Unsworth
1st Megan Vickers + Cracker
2nd Lottie Clare + Oscar Cutest Couple: Ellie-May Appleby + Ted
3rd Jessica Johnston + Freddie and Jessica Hardick + Jeff
4th Maria Rees + Beau Best Plaits: Maria Rees with Beau
5th Georgia Purcell + Trooper


Huge Thank you to everyone who came to help run or participate in our madcap Old Fools on Horses event despite the weather!  Through your efforts over £4,000 was raised for Prostate Cancer UK.  Here are the results:

Old Fools on Horses  Horse n Hound 
Combined Training 1st Rebecca Sobol on Sherbert
1st Andy Leigh on Aria 2nd Maddy Peacock on Cracker
2nd Jouni Sarjanen on Faust 3rd Ellie Fielding on Peter
3rd Matt Sobol on Minstrel 4th Nikki Mills on Abbey
4th Sean Arnett on Aria 5th Natalie Western-Kaye on Oscar
5th Matt Hay on Mr Marley 6th Bethany Moon on Beau
7th Emily Hay on King Gray
Tug of War
1st The Snowball Gangsters (Charlie Western-Kaye, Andrew Davies, Tan Allan, Simon Knapp, Jamie Knapp, Charlie Knapp, Simon Taylor, Adam Fennaday)
 2K Relay Race
1st Whiplash Flyers (Rebecca Long, Luke Rushworth, Emma Rushworth)
2nd Cool Runnings (Fran Jacock, Kirsty Piggott, Jackie Greener, Nicola Sobol, Jess Williams)
3rd Livery All Stars (Nikki Mills, Erin Jackson, Ben Sharp and David Sharp)


Fri 3 Oct Pony Club Centre Rally – £30 for 2hr session starting at 6pm
Fri 10 Oct Clients Dressage Preliminary Test 18
Fri 24 Oct Pony Club Centre Rally – £30 for 2hr session starting at 6pm
Wed 29 Oct Own a Pony Day – £58 for fun-filled day with two riding sessions
Thu 30 Oct Own a Pony Day- £58 for fun-filled day with two riding sessions
Fri 31 Oct Clients Show Jumping


Sat 11 Oct Hunter Trials (80cm, 90cm, 1.0m) – Schedule available here
Sun 12 Oct XC Schooling + Clinics – £25 per horse.   10am start.  Last ticket: 4pm
Mon 20 Oct Affiliated Dressage


Congratulations to Sarah Ciantar and Rebecca Sobol who passed their Stage III BHS exams.

Welcome to Taz Watkins, who has joined us as a Working Pupil.

Best wishes and goodbye to Sandra Webb and Ellie Fielding.


We say Goodbye to Bronte and Janine Isenegger, Tommy and Jessica Edwards and Petal and Rhianna Ounich.  We wish them all the best at their new yards.

Welcome to Jacob Sharp’s new horse – Dylan.

Welcome to Ursa, owned by Michelle Dickinson, joining us on working livery.

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