Time to tack up and be counted! Help fill Facebook and twitter with our passion for horses

July 31, 2014

mysportHoof’s  (The British Equestrian Federation) social media campaign asking people to tack up and be counted was launched a week ago. The essential message is that horseriding is not ‘just’ a hobby its a sport.

The campaign encourages everyone to spread the message that however you ride, you are taking part in equestrian sport. Jules Hudson, Lucinda Green and Jonathan Agnew (Aggers) stood up to be counted at the launch in Kenilworth.

Please help to kick this off by updating your posts on twitter and Facebook statuses. Drop in the hashtag #mysport whenever you make an update about your horse, riding or anything related to equestrian sport. The campaign also encourages to use messages like ‘I do it for’ and add in how long you take part in equestrian sport for, where you do it and who you do it with. This could trigger fun messages and responses and Hoof are analysing this regularly. Search on the hashtag and you get a good view of what other riders are up to.

Great if you will also share this message with your friends who ride and help fill Facebook and twitter with our passion for horses!

Ps. Sport England measure how many people participate by the Active People Survey – so if you get a phone call asking about your sports participation, don’t forget to mention horse riding! By taking part every one of us has an important role to play in sustaining investment in the sport we love.  Happy Facebooking!

For more information see Online Equestrian Community pledge to Tack Up and Be Counted for #mysport

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