April Newsletter

April 3, 2014

….What an amazing day we had for the Eventers Challenge last week. Results are online, and we just have to share this fantastic photo of Rebecca Long, one of our staff members, riding Jack, one of our school horses. Photographer: Catch It Quick.

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Au Revoir to Emma Rushworth who has left the yard.
Goodbye to Eoin McGinley who has gone home to Ireland.
We wish them both every success in the future.
Big Congrats to Judy Spinney who passed her HGV!

The BHS Training Prospectus is now available from the office.

Welcome to Tiny, Toffee and Ellie – Noora, Scilla and Zara’s ponies.
Welcome to Sunny – our new School Horse.
Welcome to Saskia and Cosmic – Jo’s horse and pony.
A Bientôt to Elvis who has gone away for a few weeks!

And the Winner is…

Tone Sarjanen and Megan Leigh – Snowball Farm Staff & Livery Challenge Shield 2013/2014 with 90 points each

Julia Broadhurst – Snowball Farm Senior  Challenge Shield 2013/2014 with 59 points

Izzi Andrews – Snowball Farm Junior Challenge Shield 2013/2014 with 91 points

Rhianna Ounich – Snowball Farm 2013/2014 Winter Senior Show Jumping Challenge Shield with 28 points

Tia Thwaite – Snowball Farm 2013/2014 Winter Junior Show Jumping Challenge Shield with 32 points

Marnie Dell – Snowball Farm 2013/2014 Winter Senior Dressage Championship with 29 points

Katie Wrennall and Olivia Wrennal – joint winners of Snowball Farm 2013/2014 Winter Junior Dressage with 26 points each

Congratulations and thank you for taking part!


Clients Show Jumping – Friday 21 February 2014

Clients – Tots Staff & Livery – Tots
1st Thomas Gleave + Billy 1st Megan Vickers + Cracker
2nd Annabel James + Oscar
3rd Eve Cowley + Oscar Staff & Livery – Novice
4th Olivia Hemphill + Gino 1st Rebecca Sobol + Sherbert
5th Jenny Read + Trooper 2nd Sadie Upson + Breeze
6th Lewis Newell + Robin =3rd Cathy Stillman + Abbey
Clients – Novice =3rd Francesca Western-Kaye + Bernie
1st Izzi Andrews + Abbey =3rd Maddy Peacok + Cracker
2nd Francesca Western-Kaye + Beau =3rd Sophie Newell + Becky G
3rd Katy Goodman + Phoenix =3rd Olivia Bridge + Prince
4th Julia Broadhurst + Harry Bay Staff & Livery – Intermediate
5th Bethany Moon + Sherbert 1st Alicia Western-Kaye + Beau
Clients – Intermediate 2nd Rebecca Dix + Minstrel
1st Hugo Delsol + Roger 3rd Sarah Ciantar + Polo
2nd Julia Broadhurst + Lexi 4th Emily Hay + Pepper
3rd Georgia Evangelista + Peter 5th Rebecca Long + Shea
4th Zoe Evangelista + Minstrel Advanced
5th Tomi Yam + Jack 1st Tone Sarjanen + Ester
6th Hazel Angus + Lexi 2nd Ellie Fielding + Peter
7th Sarah Collin + Harry Bay 3rd Sophie Barton + Milo


Unaffiliated Show Jumping – Sunday 2 March 2014

2nd Jemma Austin + Dun+Dusted 60cm 4th Rhianna Ounich + Couture 70cm
1st Lieneke Happel + Dizzy Gillespie 70cm 7th Jemma Austin + Dun+Dusted 75cm
3rd Rhianna Ounich + Pontoon Petal 70cm 6th Ben Sharp + Bailey 1.0M


Unaffiliated Dressage – Sunday 16 March 2014

3rd Anna Leigh + Sunset Sam Intro A 1st Rhianna Ounich + Pontoon Petal P14
7th Emily Hay + Mr Marley Intro A 7th Gail Ditchfield + Rio Nov30



Fri 2May Clients Show Jumping

Class Entries:  <16:  £20.50   Student: £22.00  >16:  £24.50


Mon 12May – Senior BSJA Show Jumping – 8.30am clear round (£5 on the gate – no need for a day ticket).  Class 1 starts at 10.00am.  Unregistered riders can enter on a day ticket on the day (one per class).  Day ticket riders will not be placed, get prize money or points.

Wed 14/28May – Clear Round Show Jumping – £5 on the gate.  Starts at 3.30pm (approx 60cm), 4.30pm (approx 75cm), 5.30pm (approx 85cm), 6.30pm Open Hour.

Mon 19May – Affiliated Dressage – Hickstead Masters Qualifier: Tests: N28, N34 (Q), E42, E49 (Q) and M71 (Q). Anyone can enter Prelim and Novice level classes by buying a ticket in advance from British Dressage (02046 698830 or at www.britishdressage.co.uk – go to online shop and select ‘Tickets’) for £7/class. The ticket is paid on top of the £19 entry fee.  You can win rosettes and prize money but no dressage points.

Sat 24May – One-Day Event – Individual and Pairs ODE and Cross Country Classes at approx 80cm, 90cm and 1.00m, plus all day Clear Round Show Jumping and Individual Dressage Classes.

Sun 25May – Cross Country Schooling –  the course will be open for schooling from 10.00am til 4.00pm.  If you are interested in Clinics with Natalie Western-Kaye please contact the office.

Thu 29May – Robert Pickles, FBHS – Robert will be at Snowball Farm in the morning.  If you would like to book a 1hr group lesson (£40), a 45min semi- (£49) or 45mins private lesson (£60) please contact the office.

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