February Newsletter

January 27, 2014

February Newsletter

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Clients Dressage – Friday 10 Jan 2014 – Prelim 12

Clients – Novice
1st Zoe Evangelista + HarryBay
2nd Izzie Andrews + Pete
3rd Georgia Evangelista + Billy
Clients – Intermediate
1st Elizabeth Winterburn + Minstrel
2nd Julia Broadhurst + Minstrel
3rd Julia Broadhurst + Lexi
Staff & Livery
1st Sophie Barton + Milo
2nd Megan Leigh + Straggy
3rd Mari Turunen + Polo
4th Ellie Fielding + Kanooki
5th Emilie Howard + Blackie
=6th Judy Spinney + Bailey
=6th Tone Sarjanen + Ester
7th Cathy Stillman + Harry


Unaffiliated Show Jumping – Sunday 5 Jan 2014

2nd Rhianna Ounich + Pontoon Petal (60cm)
3rd Jemma Austin + dun+Dusted (60cm)
4th Ben Sharp + Jolly (60cm)
3rd Rhianna Ounich + Pontoon Petal (70cm)
2nd Rhianna Ounich + Pontoon Petal (75cm)
3rd Emily Hay + King Grey (85cm)


Unaffiliated Dressage – Sunday 19 Jan 2014

3rd Nikki Mills + Devon – Intro A
7th Helen Gassman + Bramble – Nov 24
3rd Gail Ditchfield + Rio – Nov 24


Next Worming Date:  Sunday 9th Feb 2014

No Parking by Natalie’s Stables  Please do not park in the area behind Natalie’s stables and the Hacking Gate and the Office.  Please use the Car Park.

Arena Lights  If you are the last person out of one of the schools please switch off the lights.  The light switch for the Small Outdoor Arena can be found on the left hand wall just inside the Grass Livery Box Room.

Drying Room – Please take your rugs out of the drying room promptly so others can use it too.  We will remove dry rugs so please make sure you have got your name or your horse’s name on your rug.

No Exercising in the Fields  Due to the current ground conditions there will be no exercising allowed in the fields until further notice, unless specifically advised by the Vet, and only then with Richard’s permission.  Thank you.

Yard Break Ins There have been a rash of Yard Break Ins in our area in recent weeks.  Please report any strangers or lurkers!

Schools Maintenance – regular maintenance of the riding schools will take place between 07.00 and 09.00 on Thursdays.  There will be no access to the schools during these times.

Livery Diary – Please note that the deadline for requests in the Livery Diary is 9.00am the day before.  For anything else please make contact with the office, Helen or Sarah to make a late request.

Please note the lock up times at the foot of this page.  If you need to stay later please remove your car from the car park to avoid being locked in.  If you need access at exceptional times, please make arrangements through the office first.

Hard Hats in the fields – May we remind all liveries of the Hard Hat in the Fields RULE.  Adults and children have been observed catching in/turning out without wearing their hats which is DANGEROUS.  Please wear your hard hat!

Lock up Times

Saturday, Sunday, Monday:  20.30

Tuesday – Friday: 21.00

Anyone on the yard after these times, without prior arrangement, risks being locked in!!!

Newsletter Feb 2014

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