The Christmas Cracker was a great success

December 19, 2013

We had more than 100 people joining us. The horses and ponies were decorated in their finest glitter and we saw some superb performances.

Jo Dharia w/Teddy, Ben Sharp and Ellie Fielding w/Pete

  • Ellie Fielding was the star of the night, winning Chase me Charlie at 4’5” with Pete, one of the school horses.
  • Megan Leigh for staying on the bucking bronco for 39 seconds which was the record among all the juniors
  • Rebecca Dix for staying on the bucking bronco for 44 seconds, which was quite an achievement confirmed by everyone who tried….
  • Olivia Bridge with Star & Emma Rushworth with Beau for winning the pairs show jumping

Photo: Jo Dharia with Teddy, Ben Sharp demonstrating the size of the fence and Ellie Fielding with Pete.

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